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Ashlinn Gray
Los Angeles, USA

The South African born singer songwriter loves to explore writing about being in love and loving herself and captures the heart of core memories in each song. She has an honest approach to songwriting that is authentic and relatable.

Ashlinn Gray
Howie Combrink
Johannesburg, South Africa

Howie Combrink is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalists and music producer. Whether it’s singing about memories, affairs of the heart or just life, Combrink’s melodic and soulful material is all about good feelings.

Howie Combrink
Page Mc
Boca Raton, USA

Page is known for songs that make you want to get up and dance! Undeniable energy mixed with a little sass!

Page Mc
Lily Hollows
Johannesburg, South Africa

Lily hollows draws inspiration from her early youth, fluttering through the English woods and going on to Blossom in up-tempo Johannesburg, Being inspired by Katie Miller and Sabrina Carpenter her striking lyrics lurk beneath delicate melodies creating true poetry.

Lily Hollows


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    We’ve got that universal flavor of different cultures at SongLit, making our songs unique and special just like you. We want to celebrate and bring together all kinds of individuals.



    SongLit artists are able to support themselves doing what they love and have creative freedom. We love empowering our creatives!

    <h2>The Collective</h2>

    The Collective

    Collaboration and community are everything in music. We want to help artists reach their highest potential by creating a space in which they can shine.

    <h2>Our Foundation</h2>

    Our Foundation

    A percentage of our profits will be put towards your choice of three charities. Sharing is caring.


    What if my preferred artist isn’t available or isn’t able to accept my song order?

    We will have another artist who has the same vibe create a song just as perfect. If you have any questions, shoot us an email!

    What if I don’t like my song?

    Our artist’s always do their best to make the most magical songs out of your stories. If you are unsatisfied, we are happy to work with you in adding or changing lyrics. This does however have a fee due to our artists needing to re-record or rework the song. If our artist pronounces something incorrect and or did not include your must-have details, we will happily fix that free of charge.

    My song doesn’t include all the details of my story?

    Our artists do their best to include as much of the information you have given them however it is not always possible to include everything in 2 verses and a chorus. That is why we ask you to share the “Essentials” which our artists will make sure to have in the song.

    What if I want to add an extra verse?

    An extra verse means even more memories can be added to your song. Just send us an inquiry after ordering your song and we will add the extra verse to your order for $50.

    How long is each song?

    Each song is expected to be 2:30 minutes long or more. Each song is unique and we allow artists to be creative with how they want to embellish the production and length.

    What is tempo, vibe or genre?

    Tempo is how fast or slow the song is.
    Mood is all about how you want the song to make your special person feel. Happy, romantic, celebratory, heartfelt.
    Genre is the style of the song. It could be country, RnB or anything in between.

    How and when will I receive my song?

    You will receive your custom song in an MP3 file via email. We make sure to have the song sent to you in no more than 7 days. If you need it done earlier, you can request that in the order form for $50 and we will reach out to find out how soon you need it.

    Can I hear the song before it’s finished?

    We make sure the song is 100% done by the time you hear it. We know you’ll love it! If you have any concerns about your song after receiving it, we are happy to work together in making it magnifico!

    Can I use my own lyrics?

    Our artists are given free range when it comes to creating something special however if you have a couple lines you would love to be considered for lyrics, feel free to add them when completing the song order form.

    What is SongLit?

    SongLit is where you can find the perfect gift – a custom song for the special people in your life. With the help of your stories and memories, our artists create the most memorable songs made JUST FOR YOU. Cool right?